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A Blueprint for Well-Being - Managing IBS and SIBO (Ebook)

A Blueprint for Well-Being - Managing IBS and SIBO (Ebook)

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How to overcome Irritable Bowel Syndrome in 60 days or less.

In just 60 days or less, you could be free from the discomfort and embarrassment of IBS and SIBO.

  • 201 pages full of expert advice
  • 20 chapters full of detailed insights about IBS and SIBO
  • 50+ practical tips to achieve a healthy gut
  • 15+ easy to implement frameworks to successfully fight IBS and SIBO
  • 60+ common mistakes with IBS and SIBO and how to avoid them
  • Book is not available on Amazon or else

Tired of endlessly searching for relief?

Then The IBS and SIBO Lifestyle is here to help!

This comprehensive book provides an actionable framework for making long-term lifestyle modifications that can help manage your IBS and SIBO symptoms.

It's easy to follow and full of recipes, stress management techniques and practical tips on incorporating IBS and SIBO-friendly habits into your daily life.

You'll find relief, peace of mind and a renewed sense of well-being with The IBS and SIBO Lifestyle!


  • Understanding IBS symptoms (page 10)
  • Common mistakes to avoid with IBS (page 15)
  • The power of accurate diagnosis (page 19)
  • How to take control of your digestive health (page 29)
  • Finding the right probiotic supplement: What to Look For (page 42)
  • Unlocking the potential of probiotics with this step-by-step-framework (page 46)
  • Step-by-Step-Guide: Using prebiotics to improve gut health (page 55)
  • How to Create a Stress Reduction Toolbox (page 63)
  • Understanding the role of sleep in managing IBS and how to easily develop a healthy sleep routine (page 70)
  • How to create a personalized nutrition plan for IBS (page 89)
  • Exploring natural herbal remedies: Practical examples for finding relief and peace of mind (page 102)
  • How to achieve and maintain a healthy gut microbiome for IBS and SIBO (page 108)
  • Strategies for restoring and maintaining gut balance with supplements (page 120)
  • Quick and Healthy Snacks (page 126)
  • The essential list of nutritious, high-fiber, low-sugar foods (page 138)
  • Step-by-step-guide to making dietary changes easy (page 142)
  • Avoid these common mistakes when finding and preparing IBS- and SIBO-friendly foods (page 153)
  • Enjoying eating out and food while managing IBS and SIBO - this is how it works with the ABCDE method (page 161)
  • A simple framework to guide your mindful eating practices for IBS and SIBO relief (page 170)
  • Your personalized gut health plan - a simple step-by-step-plan (page 177)
  • What to do, when IBS and SIBO symptoms flare up (page 191)