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IBS Test - Irritable Bowel Syndrome At Home Blood Test

IBS Test - Irritable Bowel Syndrome At Home Blood Test

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Revolutionize Your IBS Diagnosis with ibs-smart: The Simple, At-Home Blood Test

Discover the Future of IBS Diagnosis
Introducing ibs-smart, a groundbreaking tool in the battle against Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This advanced blood test offers a convenient and reliable way to diagnose IBS, right from the comfort of your home.

Unmatched Accuracy with Cutting-Edge Biomarkers

ibs-smart harnesses the power of two scientifically validated biomarkers, anti-CdtB and anti-vinculin. These markers are proven to be elevated in most cases of diarrhea-predominant or mixed-type IBS (IBS-D or IBS-M), offering a high level of diagnostic confidence.

Note: ibs-smart is specially designed for IBS-D or IBS-M and may not be suitable for constipation-predominant IBS (IBS-C).

Ease and Convenience of Home Testing
Experience the ease of home testing with the revolutionary Tasso+ device included in your kit. This state-of-the-art device ensures a simple and hassle-free blood collection process, eliminating the need for stressful clinic visits.

How It Works

  1. Order Your Kit: Your kit will be shipped within 3-5 days to your door
  2. Easy Collection: Use the Tasso+ device to collect your blood sample comfortably at home.
  3. Get Results: Send your sample to our lab and receive accurate results promptly.

Key Features:

  1. Innovative Biomarker Technology: ibs-smart™ utilizes advanced testing to measure two pivotal IBS biomarkers: anti-CdtB and anti-vinculin. These markers are scientifically validated and are crucial indicators in a significant number of IBS cases, especially those characterized by diarrheal symptoms.

  2. Targeted Diagnosis for Specific IBS Types: Our test is uniquely equipped to diagnose diarrhea-predominant or mixed-type IBS (IBS-D or IBS-M), offering personalized insights for effective treatment planning.

  3. Precision and Accuracy: While these biomarkers are not typically elevated in constipation-predominant IBS (IBS-C), ibs-smart™ provides a nuanced understanding of your condition, ensuring accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment strategies.

Take Control of Your Health

Don't let IBS symptoms dictate your life. With ibs-smart, gain the clarity you need for an informed approach to your health. Order your kit today and step into a new era of IBS diagnosis and management.


Collection Instructions

At Home Collection with the Tasso+

  1. Wash your hands with soap.

  2. Dry your hands with a clean towel.

  3. Choose the arm you will use for sample collection.

    1. It is recommended to choose your non-dominant arm.

  4. Shave any excess arm hair on your upper arm.

    1. This will make collection easier!

  5. Remove the Tasso+ device from the kit.

  6. Remove the cap from the provided sample tube.

  7. Press the sample tube into the Tasso+ device until it is snug.

    1. The FILL LINE should be facing out towards you.

  8. If a heat pack is provided, activate it.

  9. Rub the provided heat pack or your hand up and down your upper arm and shoulder for 2 minutes.

    1. This will warm your arm and increase blood flow to make collection easier.

  10. Clean your upper arm with the provided alcohol pad.

  11. Wait for your arm to dry.

  12. Remove the clear cover from the red button on the Tasso+ device.

  13. Peel the tab away from the Tasso+ device.

  14. Hang your arm straight down at your side.

  15. Stick the Tasso+ device to your upper arm.

  16. Press the red button down ONCE and release.

  17. Set a timer for 5 minutes.

  18. Wait for blood to fill the sample collection tube.

    1. It may take a minute or two for blood to appear.

  19. Keep the device on for 5 minutes or until the blood reaches the FILL LINE, whichever comes first.

  20. When your collection is complete, remove the Tasso+ device by peeling it from one side.

  21. Place a bandage over the spot where your arm was pricked.

  22. Remove the sample tube from the Tasso+ by twisting it slightly and pulling it down.

  23. Snap the cap back tightly onto the sample tube.

  24. Invert the tube 10 times.

  25. Place the tube into the provided biohazard bag.



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The validation study for ibs-smart shows that elevated biomarkers indicate IBS with up to 100% positive predictive value.

Furthermore, this test is highly specific in distinguishing between IBS and IBD.

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