SIBO and COVID - What Does Science Say?


calendar_today   JUNE 8, 2022

When we look into scientific literature, it becomes clear that there's a close connection between COVID-19 and our gut microbiome. A healthy gut is the foundation for the overall health of the body.

Functions of a healthy gut include: 

• The gut plays a key role in immune function. 80% of immune cells are located here. 

• The composition of the gut flora and its diversity are extremely important. 

• The gut lining is the body's largest barrier to the outside world. 

• This barrier is protected by a mucus layer, which is produced by bacteria. 

• Gut bacteria produce antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substances like butyrate, for example.

If the gut isn't healthy, there can be an imbalance in gut bacteria (dysbiosis) with a lack of good bacteria, an increase in potentially harmful bacteria, increased permeability (leaky gut), and inflammation of the gut lining.

What's the connection between Corona and the microbiome?

In short, an imbalanced gut environment increases the risk for severe cases of COVID-19. At the same time, a Corona infection negatively affects the microbiome and might trigger conditions like IBS and SIBO.

Ke et al. (1) found that in COVID-19 patients, the diversity of gut bacteria is significantly reduced. The composition of the microbiome can distinguish between healthy individuals and those with COVID-19 and can predict the progression of the disease.

Hussain et al. (2) conclude: Evidence is increasing that gut dysbiosis is a predisposing factor for severe COVID-19 outcomes due to leaky gut and the resulting influx of bacterial substances and toxins. There are indications that the degree of dysbiosis correlates with the severity of the COVID-19 disease.

Wang et al. (3) reach the same conclusions. Moreover, managing dysbiosis could reduce inflammation or complications associated with COVID-19, leading to new approaches for prevention and treatment of the disease.

Therefore, it's worth taking care of your microbiome, both for prevention and follow-up care after a Corona infection.

Dysbiosis, microbiome composition, leaky gut, or inflammation of the gut lining can be measured through stool analysis.

And Dysbiosis, leaky gut, or inflammation of the gut lining can be positively and sustainably improved with the right diet, prebiotics, fibers, plant substances, specific amino acids, and, if necessary, probiotics. 

Gut bacteria always follow the nutrient supply.

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