About IFDW - Institute For Digestive Wellbeing

About IFDW

"We are here to help people suffering from IBS, SIBO and Leaky Gut"


At the IFDW - Institute For Digestive Wellbeing we're all about your gut health

Our mission is to empower individuals with IBS, SIBO and Leaky Gut by providing personalized action plans and comprehensive coaching.

We believe in looking at the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Through education, collaboration, and innovation, we're dedicated to improving digestive health and enhancing quality of life.

We do all it takes “For a happier and healthier you”.

Go To Experts for IBS, SIBO, IMO

Millions worldwide struggle with IBS, IMO and SIBO. But there is hope!

The No. 1 Go-To-Gut-Experts in the US

We are a leading provider and innovator in supporting our clients to get relief from complications of the gastrointestinal system. At IFDW our gut specialists provide comprehensive and affordable care for people with IBS, SIBO and Leaky Gut.

IFDW offers a range of tests, such as breath and stool tests, and coaching options to help you find relief from your symptoms and lead a better and healthier life. 

Personalized & Individual: Focus on You

Whether you are looking for medication, dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, or other support, our experts will work with you to develop a personalized and customized action plan that addresses your unique needs and concerns. 

Our certified dieticians, nutritionists and Gut-Experts provide the highest standards of coaching. 

SIBO individual treatment
SIBO: healthier & happier with IFDW

Get Healthier & Happier with IFDW

IFDW was founded with the sole purpose of helping people who suffer from Gut-problems like IBS, IMO, SIBO and Leaky Gut. 

The whole team at IFDW, is passionate about one thing: your gut health and well-being.

Our aim is to empower you to take control of your gut health and lead an active life by providing comprehensive consultations, recommendations, and personalized support that suit your unique needs.

Our integrative approach is valuable as it offers people more successful outcomes and better results for a range of gut problems and gastrointestinal disorders, such as IBS, SIBO and Leaky Gut. 

Holistic approach - to fight IBS, IMO, SIBO and Leaky Gut

Our team does not just look at the symptoms; we look at the whole person. IFDW believes that true health and pain relief comes from addressing all facets of your health, not just your physical symptoms.

Our team of professionals and nutrition experts proudly provides comprehensive, holistic support for people with IBS, IMO, SIBO and Leaky Gut. 

With several years of experience and knowledge, we are committed to finding you a healthy and safe solution that truly works.

SIBO Holistic treatment
SIBO IBS Science

IFDW: Scientific Research

At IFDW, we

  • stay abreast of the latest scientific research,

  • collaborate with other Gut-Experts worldwide,

  • and constantly innovate 

to bring you the best possible care. 


people treated worldwide


years of experience within the team

1 YOU 

focus on the 

individual person

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Meet the Team

Dr Laurel Ash, ND IFDW Medical Advisor
Dr. Laurel Ash,ND
IFDW Medical Advisor
Dr. Kenneth Mirkin IFDW Medical Advisor
Dr. Kenneth Mirkin, MD, GI 

IFDW Medical Advisor

Emely IFDW Expert
Emily,Registered Dietician RD LT CLT
IFDW Expert, IBS- & SIBO-Coach

Sarah,Registered Dietician RD
IFDW Expert, IBS- & SIBO-Coach

Taylor IFDW Expert
Taylor,Registered Dietician RD
IFDW Expert, IBS- & SIBO-Coach
Nia Customer Support
Nia,Health Expert & Customer Happiness
Joseph IFDW
Ansgar,Co-Founder IFDW
Andreas,Co-Founder IFDW