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47 Years Of Experience

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Introduction to Dr. Kenneth Mirkin, MD GI

Welcome to your new path to digestive well-being. Dr. Kenneth Mirkin, a renowned GI doctor, brings over 47 years of experience to your gut health concerns. 

Specializing in IBS, SIBO and comprehensive Gut Health, Dr. Mirkin believes a brief conversation is the first step to your relief: "A few minutes with my client is all I need to start making a difference."

47 Years Of Experience

Dr. Kenneth Mirkin, MD GI

MD in Gastroenterology

Wayne University

M.A. in in Physiological Psychology

Queens College

Clinical Instructor Medicine and Gastroenterology

George Washington University School of Medicine

Assistant Professor of Medicine and GI

Virginia Commonwealth University

Director of Clinical Research

Gastroenterology Associates of Northern Virginia

American Board of Gastroenterology


Salix IBS-D study

Clinical Research Project: Salix IBS-D study using Xifaxin in double blind study

Esai study

Clinical Research Project: Esai study on moderate to severe GERD. 

Mellenium study

Clinical Research Project: Mellenium study for moderate to severe Crohn’s and Ulcerative colitis. 


What people say about Dr. Mirkin
Dr Mirkin is amazing. He has always been very thorough with me. I would recommend him to anyone.
Martha McTighe - Sep, 2023
Great doctor. 

He is first class and knows all the up to date procedures.

Kenneth Friedman - Aug, 2021
Dr. Mirkin is very professional,knowledgeable, caring, patient and willing to answer all our questions..
Wai-Kit Li - Oct, 2023


"Ask the Doctor" offers personalized video or telephone consultations with Dr. Kenneth Mirkin, a seasoned Medical Doctor (MD) and Gastrointestinal (GI) specialist. With over 47 years of experience, Dr. Mirkin serves as a Medical Advisor for the Institute For Digestive Wellbeing (IFDW) and provides expert advice on managing and treating gut health issues.
Dr. Kenneth Mirkin is a highly experienced MD and GI specialist with more than 47 years in the field. He currently works as a Medical Advisor for the Institute For Digestive Wellbeing (IFDW), offering his vast knowledge and expertise to help individuals with gut health concerns through "Ask the Doctor."
A single consultation session with Dr. Mirkin costs $127. This fee covers either a video or telephone consultation, providing flexibility to choose the mode of communication that best suits your needs.
Booking a consultation is easy! Simply press the "Request Consultation" or "Ask the Doctor Now"" option. You'll be guided through a straightforward ordering process. Once you ordered your consultation, you will receive an invitation to choose a convenient date and time for your video or telephone consultation with Dr. Mirkin via email within a few hours.
During your consultation, Dr. Mirkin will discuss your gut health concerns, review any symptoms you're experiencing, and ask about your medical history. He will provide expert advice tailored to your individual needs, including recommendations for further tests, treatments, or lifestyle adjustments.
No, "Ask the Doctor" is designed for non-emergency consultations. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please seek immediate assistance from your local emergency services.
Currently, the consultation fee is out-of-pocket and may not be covered by health insurance. 
You can cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 48 hours before the scheduled time without any additional cost.
While Dr. Mirkin can recommend treatments and strategies for managing your gut health issues, the ability to prescribe medication directly may depend on your location and the specific regulations governing telemedicine consultations. Dr. Mirkin may suggest contacting your local physician to obtain any necessary prescriptions.