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Virtual Gut Health Clinic: IBS and SIBO Treatment

Virtual Gut Health Clinic: IBS and SIBO Treatment

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  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • All consultations are performed by specialized Nutritionists or Registered Dieticians
  • Individual 1:1 coaching by phone or video call
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Detailed Descprition

With the profound experience of our IFDW Gut Health Experts, we understand the root causes of your gut issues. Based on this we create an individual plan to feeling better.

So take control of your gut health today and start living your best life.


At the IFDW Institute For Digestive Wellbeing, we understand that your health history and symptoms are unique. So we take a personalized approach to your care. Working with our gut health experts means we are committed to helping you reach your health goals.

  • Intake Consultation:
    Start your journey with an in-depth history form followed by a comprehensive online Intake Visit with one of our Gut Health Specialists. This session is tailored to understand your unique health background and symptoms thoroughly.

    It's a virtual meeting that promises convenience without compromising the depth of analysis. Your specialist will dive into your case, offering the first layer of personalized care that sets the foundation for your recovery.

  • Action Plan Consultation
    Following your intake, your Gut Health Expert develops a Personalized Protocol. This will be your roadmap to feeling better. Tailored specifically to your body's needs. This approach ensures that every recommendation, from diet to lifestyle adjustments, aligns perfectly with your individual health profile.

    Testing - An Optional, Yet Insightful Add-on: We offer the option to include specific tests, such as the SIBO Breath Test or GI Map Test, to further tailor your treatment plan. 

  • Check In Calls
    Included are four follow-up consultations with your Gut Health Specialist. These bi-wekly sessions are designed to assess your progress, make necessary
    adjustments to your plan, and provide a detailed list of personalized recommendations. This is to ensure continued improvement on the way ro feeling better.

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